Torchy’s Tacos in Dallas

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Indulge yourself in the lifestyle you have always wanted and delight in the wonders waiting for you. At the Mockingbird Flats luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas, you will find all this and so much more. Enjoy countless apartment and community amenities designed for your comfort but also perfect for sharing with friends. Feast your eyes on layouts and floor plans perfect for the life you have always wanted to live. Your new neighborhood extends the luxury you enjoy with endless entertainments all waiting for you.

Tasty Delights

Part of loving your new home means finding the tasty treats you need – and here this means tacos! Torchy’s Tacos is a staple of your new neighborhood within walking distance and a legend. In their own words “Watching cars drive by, Mike realized he’d bet his life savings on his green chile pork, fajitas, and a desire for unique food. With no customers in sight, Mike decided to take matters into his own hands. He hopped on that red Vespa and started personally handing out his award-winning salsa and chips, inviting everyone to stop by the trailer to give his tacos a try. And you guessed it – it totally worked. Torchy’s first menu was filled with more experiments than meals – tweaking recipes, trying new things, and serving up tacos to whoever wanted ‘em. Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “Damn, these tacos are good!” he’d add those tacos to the permanent menu. Soon, “Damn Good” became a rallying cry at the trailer. The Taco Dream grew and took on a life of its own, resulting in long lines of newly-indoctrinated Taco Junkies ready for some Damn Good tacos.Today, Torchy’s Tacos operates several stores and a trailer park across Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. With many awards won, national praise garnered, and thousands of customers, employees, friends, and fans added to the Torchy’s family, you could say the Taco Dream is more alive than ever.”

Take a bite out of the life you crave when you live in the Mockingbird Flats luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas.

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