5 Clever Uses for Your Old Pillows

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Our Dallas apartments are comfortable and cozy, especially when you decorate with lots of pillows. But what are you supposed to do with old pillows? Instead of just throwing them away, consider these five clever uses for your old pillow.

1. Use It as a Pet Bed

Your pet will love receiving the hand-me-down of your old pillow. It smells like you, so your pet can feel close to you even when you’re not home. You really don’t need to do anything special to the pillow. A new soft pillowcase will work nicely.

2. Make a Floor Cushion

If you have kids or visiting nieces and nephews, you could turn three old bed pillows into a soft floor cushion. The kids can use the floor cushion to lounge on the floor in front of the TV or have a fun “slumber party” in your Dallas apartment living room. All you have to do is remove the pillowcases. Next, stitch the three pillows together at the short vertical ends, making a “chain” of the three or even four pillows that are the perfect size for a youngster.

3. Make a New Pillow

You can reuse the stuffing in your old bed pillow to make a brand-new sofa pillow. All you have to do is snip it open and stuff a brand-new sofa pillowcase with the fluffy white filling, then sew it closed again. Cut the outer shell of the old pillow into pieces and use it as rags.

4. Keep a Pillow in Your Car

It’s convenient to keep an old pillow in your car. It will be there ready to use for all kinds of last-minute situations. Tuck it behind you as a backrest on your seat. Kneel on it while you change a flat tire. Pull over on a long road trip and nap against it until you feel rested enough to drive on.

5. Use It for Packing Material

Are you sending a fragile gift to someone? Cut pieces of an old pillow and use it as packing material to ensure the gift arrives in one piece.

Your apartment in Dallas can be as cozy as you want to make it. To see all the available floor plans, please contact us today!

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