Fall Decorating Tips for Your Kitchen

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Mockingbird Flats KitchenSometimes it’s nice to give the rooms in your living space a little extra flair suitable to the season. One place where it’s easy to make a significant impact without spending a lot of money is right in your kitchen. We think residents of our Mockingbird Flats Apartments in Dallas, should try a few of these tips if they’re looking for ways to spread the feeling of fall around their kitchen.

Update Your Tablecloth and Placemats

How long has it been since you changed out your tablecloth? Why not take advantage of the change in season to buy a new one along with coordinating dinner mats? It seems like a small thing, but doing this changes the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

We recommend finding smaller table pieces for the center. There’s no need for something big and showy. A basket of fruit in a wooden basket or a small pumpkin in the middle is enough to accomplish your purpose. Look online for deals or make a trip to local stores to locate the items you need.

Add Sofa Cushions to Your Chairs

New cushions not only brighten up your kitchen, but they feel nice to sit on after a long and busy day. Look for colors and textures matching what you’ve already picked out for your table coverings.

Colors to consider:

  • Forest green
  • Bright gold
  • Deep orange
  • Lush burgundy

Any of these colors would accomplish your goal of adding a fall touch to your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to try out different patterns that might not fit common decorating schemes. You’re the best judge of what suits you and fits your kitchen space.

Replace Your Dinnerware for the Season

Still eating off those old, chipped plates you brought with you? Here’s your chance to make a change and bring in some colorful new pieces. Pick a single-color scheme or go with multiple options suitable to your daily moods.

It doesn’t matter if you go with plastic-ware or something more upscale. The important thing is being able to open your cupboard and enjoy the sight of your new dinnerware.

We love any opportunity to help out community members of our Mockingbird Flats Apartments. Contact us for an appointment to view them for yourselves by calling our offices at (866) 926-3837.

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