3 Cocktails That Taste Like Autumn

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CiderIf you've been sipping on white wine, peach mimosas and other light, summery libations, you're probably ready for something that tastes like autumn now that the leaves are turning golden and red. Fortunately, the flavors of autumn, such as ripe apples, plums, pears, and pumpkins, are just as delicious in adult beverages as they are in pies. Following are just 3 of the many ways in which residents of our apartments in Dallas can enjoy a taste of autumn when adult beverages are part of the picture.  

Mulled Hard Cider 

All you need to craft the perfect hot toddy for chilly fall evenings is a bit of bourbon, some hot apple cider, a sprinkle or two of allspice, and cinnamon sticks. Simply pour a shot of bourbon into a steaming mug of hot cider, spice according to individual preference, and finish it off with a cinnamon stick. Although apple cider is a quintessential autumn beverage, pear, plum and blackberry cider offer delicious alternatives.  

Cider Mimosas

Just as a change of season doesn't mean you have to give up mimosas, there's no rule that says mimosas have to feature summer's light and airy flavors. Cider mimosas capture autumn's essence perfectly. Simply mix equal portions of sugar and cinnamon together and coat the rims of the glasses with it before filling them with a mixture of Champagne and cider. As with the mulled cider above, this is a fun beverage to play around with using different types of cider—and you don't need to stick with classic Champagne, either. Pear cider mixed with sparkling blush wine, for instance, is an elegant alternative.

Spiced Hot Chocolate With Pumpkin and Kahlua

Perfect for the fireside when holiday celebrations call for something festive, this beverage is another seasonal favorite that can be amended and embellished according to personal preferences. Everything from old family hot chocolate recipes to instant cocoa works—the secret ingredient is really a seasonal version of Kahlua called Kahlua Pumpkin Spice. Mix the two together; top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and enjoy. 

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