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TrailOne of the perks people love about Mockingbird Flats, our Dallas apartments, is the convenient access to the Katy Trail. This famous route passes along the northwestern boundary of our property.

Highlights Along the Katy Trail

You’ll appreciate all of these great features:

  • Views of the spectacular Dallas Skyline will inspire you to come out to the trail and enjoy your exercise time.
  • Whether you cycle, walk, rollerblade or run, the Katy Trail is perfectly set apart from the cars and traffic. Zoom over bridges to bypass the intersections. 
  • A hike along the entire Katy Trail is a 7-mile trek out and back, stretching from Southern Methodist University at its north end to the American Airlines Center downtown. 
  • It’s becoming connected with other trails now–but the Katy Trail is considered the best by its fans.
  • It’s a fine run for your four-legged friend. There are plenty of benches and spots to get water. What’s more, the pubs and restaurants along the trail accommodate dog-walking folks.
  • Breakfast tacos at the Katy Trail Ice House get plenty of rave reviews, and so do the margaritas.
  • The Trail’s big annual event is a 5K run and picnic, sponsored by Friends of the Katy Trail and benefiting the maintenance of the trail.
  • It has remarkably generous open hours. Classified as a park of the City of Dallas, it shares the same opening times as all Dallas parks: 5 a.m. to midnight.

The Katy Trail is rich in history. It was once a rail line, and it has become an iconic walk for Dallas residents and visitors. Mockingbird Flats is proud and pleased to offer our residents this wonderful location!

Healthful Living Meets Ease at Our Dallas Apartments

Don’t worry about having to store your bike inside to protect it from the elements. The portfolio of amenities offered with your Dallas apartment wouldn’t be complete without a storage room to safely keep your bike after commuting or just enjoying your day on the Katy Trail.

Everyone’s talking about the importance of exercise in our computer-focused age. Walk the walk—to your new home at Mockingbird Flats. Give us a call at (866) 926-3837 to set up a tour!

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