4 Tips for Picking a Shelter Dog for Your Apartment Home

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DogThe numbers are staggering. According to the ASPCA, about 3.3 million dogs end up in shelters each year. And of those canines, approximately 670,000 are put to sleep. That is why adopting your next pet is so important. You could be saving a dog's life while also gaining a loving companion. But before you bring a new dog home, read over these suggestions that could help you pick the right canine for your apartment home.  

Be Aware of Breed Restrictions

Unfortunately, many apartments, homeowners associations, and even some cities have outlawed owning certain dog breeds. So before you decide on a new furry best friend to adopt, check with local ordinances and regulations to see if there are any breed restrictions in place. Some examples of breeds that are often banned from communities include Rottweilers, pit bulls and any mixes that appear to contain one of these so-called "aggressive" breeds. 

Size May Matter

Some apartment complexes may also have a limit on the size of the dog that they will accept, while still others might charge you an extra fee if you own a large dog. So just to be on the safe side, you want to limit your choices to a medium or small canine. 

Look for a Dog That Gets Along with Others

A tired dog is a happy dog that will sleep peacefully in your apartment while you're at work. So look for a friendly dog that you can take to a dog park or to doggy daycare — both of which are excellent for burning off a pup's excess energy. 

Be Wary of Very Vocal Dogs

Some breeds were bred to be heard out in the field. For example, beagles and hound dogs were bred to chase down prey and then to bay loudly so that their owners could find them while out on a hunt. Unfortunately, a dog that likes to bay loudly will probably not be popular with your neighbors. 

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