5 Crafty Uses for Wooden Crates

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Old wooden crates are not only an inexpensive way to add a charming, rustic touch to a room, but they are also surprisingly useful. Check out these five ways that you can use wooden crates around your home:

File Storage

Do you need a place to store your important papers? A wooden crate may be just what you need. Many crates are the perfect size to hold hanging files. You can leave the crate rustic looking, or if you'd prefer a pop of color, you could always paint or stain your crate. 

Rolling Crate Storage

By simply screwing on four caster wheels to the bottom of a wooden crate, you can create a storage piece that you can easily move from one location to another. 

Crate Shelves

For this shelving unit, you will need two crates, four one-inch wood screws and a drill. Start by stacking the crates one on top of the other. Next, you will need to drill a pilot hole into the front and back corner of each side of the crates. Finally, use wood screws to attach the two crates to one another. If you want a taller unit, you can always add another crate. 

Dog Food Stand

If you have a crate with a lid on it, you can create a nifty elevated dog food stand that can also be used to store your pup's food. Just use a circular saw to cut a hole in the top of the crate that will fit a metal dog bowl. 

Elevated Nightstand or Storage

Attach hairpin legs to the bottom of a wooden crate to create an elevated storage unit or nightstand. You can either have the opening of the box face out to the front to create a display-style nightstand. Or you can have the opening face-up, so you can store items in the crate. 

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