Alternative Hot Drinks to Tea or Coffee

Cooler weather is the perfect time to enjoy a comforting hot drink, but that doesn't always mean having to choose between tea or coffee. These three hot drinks are great alternatives when you are looking for something a little different.  3 Hot Drinks Perfect for Cooler Days European Style Hot Chocolate This rich drink is nothing like the…

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Living in Dallas, TX, can be fun and exciting, but just like everywhere else, you want your apartment to be as clean as possible. The hot, dry weather can lead to dust and airborne contaminants flowing through your home, even if you keep the windows shut. You don't have to use harsh chemicals to keep your…

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5 Ways You Can Minimize Indoor Air Pollution

Most people think of air pollution as something specific to outdoor environments, but unfortunately, indoor air pollution has been an increasing problem in recent years. Energy-efficient construction designed to minimize drafts from doors and window seals is the primary culprit. Fortunately, strategies exist for keeping indoor air pollution levels low. Following are five ways that…

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5 Clever Uses for Your Old Pillows

Our Dallas apartments are comfortable and cozy, especially when you decorate with lots of pillows. But what are you supposed to do with old pillows? Instead of just throwing them away, consider these five clever uses for your old pillow. 1. Use It as a Pet Bed Your pet will love receiving the hand-me-down of your old…

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3 Easy Pork Chop Crock-Pot Ideas

Don't let a busy work schedule and after-school activities keep you from dining on delicious, homemade pork chops. The following pork chop recipes can be tossed in the slow cooker in the morning or during your lunch break and will be done and ready to eat by the time you get home. It really doesn't get…

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